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Most Wanted Programs For iPhone & iPod Workshop


Most Wanted Programs For iPhone & iPod Workshop


As most of us know that iOS got spread very very fast these days , and many programmers get involved in this field to make some solutions for growing number of iPhone & iPod & iPad Users everyday.

So if you try to do some search on the Internet you will come to a huge links and posts talking about jailbreak, unlock, Activate, Restore, Downgrade ....etc but each one of those links and posts will talk about more and more programs for each function of the ones we mentioned So... Which One to Choose?! Here you will be confused like money others.

In these Article I will try to give you the most wanted and tested programs that you need to have at your workshop to be able to work and handle iPhone, iPod, iPad devices with minimum risk.

iTunes :

This is the most wanted program for every workshop because all restore operations done with it so you have to keep a copies of it on your PC and these copies must be for not only the latest version but for some older versions too as sometimes you will need to do some restore operations by older version to solve problems.

This program is FREE and you can get latest version from Here


sn0wbreeze :

This program made by iH8sn0w ( Toronto, Canada ) and he is an iPhone Hacker.
This tool for Windows only and you can use it to :

- JailBreak iPhone and iPod.
- Put custom Boot Logos on iPhone and iPod.
- Activate iPhone.
- Root Partition Size.
- Build Custom Firmware ( IPSW ).
- Added App for your Custom Firmware ( IPSW ) from many sources.
- Unlock 2G iPhone.
- Install Cydia.
- Install Rock.

Supported Devices :

* iPad

* iPhone 3G

* iPhone 3G[S] (old bootrom & new bootrom)

* iPhone 4

* iPod Touch 2G (MB & MC) ( none - MC ) mean its Serial Number does not begin with MC letters.

* iPod Touch 3G

* iPod Touch 4

* Apple TV 2

Download Links :

- Version 1.7 For iPhone OS 4.0-8A293
- Version 1.5.2 For iPhone OS 3.1.3-7E18
- Version 1.2 For iPhone OS 3.1.2-7D11

- Version 1.8 Beta For iPhone OS 4.0.1-8A306

- Version 2.0.1 For iOS 3.1.x - 4.0.x - 4.1 new

- Sn0wBreeze v2.1 New For iOS 4.1 - 3.2.2 iPad New

iREB :

This program made by iH8sn0w ( Toronto, Canada ) and he is an iPhone Hacker.
Very Helpful tool which can fix many errors when you restore a custom firmware ( IPSW ) by iTunes.

Supported Devices :

- iPhone 2G
- iPhone 3G
- iPod Touch 1G
- iPod Touch 2G

Downloads Link :

iREB 3.1.2

iDetector :

This program made by iH8sn0w ( Toronto, Canada ) and he is an iPhone Hacker.
Great Tool to check what kind of bootrom is your iPhone 3Gs.
Easy to use just put your iPhone 3Gs into DFU mode and Press on the Button ( Is my Bootrom Old or New? ).

Supported Devices :

- iPhone 3Gs

Download Link :

Version 1.0


F0rcast :

This program made by iH8sn0w ( Toronto, Canada ) and he is an iPhone Hacker.
Easy Tool to know if your iPhone or iPod  is tethered Or Unlockable ( iPhone Only ).
And give useful information about Bootloader, Baseband, Model.

Supported Devices :

- All

Download Link :

F0recast 1.1

iPhone & iPod Firmware

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