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How To Update Samsung E2550 / E2550D Monte Slider Firmware


How To Update

Samsung E2550 / E2550D Monte Slider Firmware



As New model of SAMSUNG you will need a usefull and simple guide to help you when you need to

work with this phone, Like updating its software version or fix some

software errors. We will give you this guide so do not worry about it.

Firmware Update Steps:

  1. Install this drivers: sunstone-V4_52_8_0-customer-free_WHQL_Digital_ID
  2. Reboot the PC.
  3. Run Samsung E2550 Downloader.
  4. Click SET MODEL button and select this file: E2550_PINE_Setting_v02.mdl
  5. Select: BIN + STL , BIN + TFS
  6. Check: With CSC
  7. For Application binary file select: E2550xxxxx.cla
  8. For Application TFS file select: E2550xxxxx.tfs
  9. For Application CSC file select:
  10. Click START button and connect phone to USB cable while you press 0 + 8 keys on phone.
  11. The program will detect the phone and start the update process automatically.
  12. Wait till all is done.
  13. disconnect the phone and do full reset: *2767*3855#

Samsung E2550 / E2550D Monte Slider Original Firmwares.

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