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How To Hard Reset / Factory Reset The Samsung SGH-I637 Jack For AT&T

Monday, 02 September 2013 09:26 TSAR3000

The Hard Reset / Factory Reset Operation is useful in many cases, We mentioned some of them below:

- After installing bad or unsupported application into your Samsung mobile phone which causes your phone to be frozen.
- Your Samsung mobile phone doesn't respond to any order after booting because of some software errors.
- Forgotten user code.
- Forgotten phone code.
- Before or after installing new firmware updates into your device.
- You want to delete all your personal information from your device in case you want to sell it.
- You Bought a second hand device and you want to wipe all stored data from it.

What to do before performing the Hard Reset?
- In case your Samsung mobile phone can connect to a computer then it is better to make a backup of your saved data using Samsung kies software.
- Check that your phone's battery has enough charging, Otherwise you should charge it.

Samsung SGH-I637 Jack For AT&T Hard Reset Steps:

- Make sure that your Samsung SGH-I637 Jack is Off, And has no SIM or Memory cards inside.

- Take out its battery for 10 seconds, Then put it in again.

- Press and hold the ( 5 ) key + Power button.

- Press ( 1 ) key if you want to perform Master Clear.

- Use the ( Y ) key to confirm the hard reset operation.

- Wait for the device during the hard reset operation, And never remove the battery.

- Now the phone will reboots, Wait for it to be fully on and then you can start using it.

Notice: The Hard Reset / Factory Reset operation will delete anything that are saved to your phone's internal memory, So make a backup of your data in case you can access them.

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