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How To Update Samsung Galaxy Gear SM-V700 Firmware Version Via Odin3 program

Wednesday, 16 October 2013 08:53 TSAR3000

Samsung SM-V700 Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Mini Review:

Samsung Released this Smartwatch to be used with the Galaxy Note III (SM-N900), So that the company put many special features into it to be compatible with the Note 3 model.

In the hardware section of the Galaxy Gear Smartwatch we have 800MHz Exynos CPU, 1.63-inch Super AMOLED display at 320x320 resolution, 1.9MP camera, 2 microphones, 1 speaker, Bluetooth 4.0 and LE, Accelerometer and Gyroscope sensors, 4GB of memory, 512 MB RAM, And 315mAh battery.

In the Software section we get Android version 4.2.2 as OS, 720p video recording and playback, Featured apps from Atooma, Banjo, Evernote, Glympse, eBay, Line, MyFitnessPal, Path, Pocket, RunKeeper, TripIt and Vivino, In addition to Samsung Apps and ChatON messaging service too, And for sure we get Smart Relay, S Voice, Auto Lock, Find My Device, Media Controller, Pedometer, Stopwatch, And Timer.

Needed Downloads For Updating Samsung Galaxy Gear SM-V700 Firmware:
- Samsung Galaxy Gear SM-V700 Stock Firmware Package.
- Odin Flasher.
- Samsung Galaxy Gear SM-V700 USB Drivers.

Needed Tools For Updating Samsung Galaxy Gear SM-V700 Firmware:
- Suitable USB cable.
- A stable computer running Windows OS.

Important Notice: We provide this guide for help purpose only, And we hold no responsibility at all, So keep in mind that your are doing this at your own RISK.

After downloading the needed files you should extract the zipped ones, And install the USB drivers (Restart your PC after installing).

Samsung Galaxy Gear SM-V700 Firmware Update Steps:

- Open Odin3.ini file using the Notepad program, You can find this file inside Odin3 folder.

- Scroll down until you get this section:


- Set (UMS/PATCH) to (1) instead of (0), Then save the file.

- Run Odin3.exe program.

- Check these options: Re-Partition (If you have PIT file only), Auto Reboot, F.Reset Time.

- Click PIT button to select: ls02.pit

- Firmware files selection:

Click Bootloader button to select: BOOTLOADER_V700xxxxxxx_..._REV03_user_low_ship.tar.md5
Click PDA button to select: CODE_V700xxxxxxx_..._REV03_user_low_ship.tar.md5
Click CSC button to select: CSC_Oxx_V700Oxxxxxx_..._REV03_user_low_ship.tar.md5
Click UMS button to select: GANG_V700xxxxxxx_..._REV03_user_low_ship.tar.md5

- Entering the Download Mode:
Press the Power key for 7 seconds and then Press the Power Key 1 more time after display changed, Select
the Download mode ( Press and release the Power key for 0.5 sec to move and press it for 1.6 sec to select).

- Insert the Smartwatch into the charging-dock And lock it.

- Use the USB cable to connect your device to the computer, Don't use any USB-HUB for connecting, And use only main USB slots.

- Wait until Windows detects the connected device and installs its suitable USB drivers.

- In case everything is OK, Then Odin program will detect your connected device (0:[COMxx]).

- Click on Start button.

- Odin program will start installing the new firmware files into your device, So wait until the device reboots.

- If the update was successfully done, Then you will notice PASS! Word at Odin program.

- Disconnect the USB cable.

- Wait for the Smartwatch to be fully on.

- Now you can customize your device after installing the new firmware version.

Notice: When you get one big file inside the firmware package, Then it should be selected as a PDA file only, And do not check Re-Partition option or use PIT file at all.

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