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We Start Uploading Samsung Firmwares To Free Host, No Need To Buy A Premium Account - Updated

Saturday, 04 January 2014 10:15 TSAR3000

Starting from today we have started to upload Samsung Firmware Files to A free host site (, So our visitors will be able to download those firmwares without buying any premium account, But this is a test period.

As many of our visitors found that host is very bad site for downloading the firmwares in many countries, And is better than it, But it also requires a premium account like, We will upload the files to Free Filehost server which can give you more easy way to download.

We select as it gives more storage space than other free hosts, In addition to the size of the uploaded files too, But we will protect those files with a password ( to keep our hard work safe.

This is a test period for this new job, As we will depends on your Donations to keep the work going, So in case we get enough donations to cover the cost we will keep uploading to the free host, Otherwise we will be forced to stop it, So in case you want to keep this feature alive please consider to make a donation to help yourself and your friends too.

We tried to keep uploading all Samsung Firmwares to a Free Host as we promised, But we got two big problems which forced us to stop this plan, The first one is (, This site started to delete some firmwares for unknown reason and when we contacted them we have no explanation, The second one is the cost of the job as we got nearly no donations.

Now we are uploading to a new filehost site (, We make a deal with this one to give our visitors no ADs download page in addition to better speed than its normal one, You can register at that site to get better speed too, And we are trying to keep this plan working to help all our great friends.

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