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New Samsung Firmwares Online, Free Support Section Update 4/1/2014

Saturday, 04 January 2014 17:19 TSAR3000

New Samsung I8552 Firmwares Online:
I8552XXAMK2 / OJVAMJ2 KSA Saudi Arabia Android 4.1.2
I8552XXAML3 / ODDAMK3 India Android 4.1.2

New Samsung I9082 Firmwares Online:
I9082XXUBMK8 / OJVBMJ1 Arabic Android 4.2.2

New Samsung N7100 Firmwares Online:
N7100XXUEMK9 / BOGEMK1 France Bouygues Android 4.3
N7100XXUEMK9 / VFGEMK5 SFR France SFR Android 4.3
N7100XXUEMKA / OJVEMK3 XSG United Arab Emirates Android 4.3

New Samsung T215 Firmwares Online:
T215XXUAMK1 / OYYYMK2 XSP Southeast Asia Android 4.2.2

New Samsung T310 Firmwares Online:
T310XWUAMG3 / ITVAMG1 Italy Android 4.2.2
T310XWUAMG3 / ODDAMG2 India Android 4.2.2
T310XWUAMG3 / OXEAMG1 SER Russia Android 4.2.2

New Samsung T311 Firmwares Online:
T311XWUAMH1 / ODDAMG2 India Android 4.2.2
T311XXUAMG1 / ITVAMG2 Italy Android 4.2.2

All new Samsung Firmwares and Updates can be downloaded at our Free Support Section.

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