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How To Repair Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900 Dead Boot Problem | Boot Recovery Guide

Saturday, 26 April 2014 14:19 TSAR3000

This Guide will help you to revive your Dead Boot Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900 device, It is manual Guide without any special or expensive tools at all, All you need is USB cable, Micro SD memory card, Odin3 flasher, And working N900 device to make the BOATLOADER_SDCARD.tar.

Downloading the BOATLOADER_SDCARD.tar into the MicroSD card:

- Run Odin3.exe program.

- Click on BL button and select BOATLOADER_SDCARD.tar file.

- Check T Flash option in Odin3 program.

- Insert MicroSD card into a working N900 mobile phone.

- Put the working N900 mobile phone into Download Mode, Read this Guide to learn how to do it.

- Wait until Odin3 detects the connected device.

- When you see the COM number of the connected device click on Start button.

- Odin3 will download the BOATLOADER_SDCARD.tar file into the MicroSD card.

- If you see PASS! word at Odin3 program then the operation was done successfully.

- Now the MicroSD card is ready to use.


Repairing The Dead Galaxy Note 3 N900 Device:

- Disassemble the dead N900 mobile phone carefully.

- Insert the MicroSD card inside it.

- Connect a power source to the mobile phone, You can use a power supply.

- Make a short of the resistance you see in the below picture:

N900 Boot Repair

- Keep shorting the resistance for 2 to 6 seconds only.

- In case the Boot Recovery was successful, The device will be in SDCARD MODE.

- Look at the device screen and you should see two options.

- Press on Volume Down key to put the device into Download Mode.

- At this point you should use a Full Firmware package to flash your Galaxy Note 3.

- Download Repair Firmware (Full Firmware) package, And use it to complete the repair process.

- After you flash your device with the Full Firmware package it will be ready to use again.

Notice: You can make the BOATLOADER_SDCARD.tar by yourself:

- From any Firmware package select the CODE file and change its extension from MD5 to TAR.
- Extract it.
- Select only the sboot.bin file and compress it with this name BOATLOADER_SDCARD.tar
- Done.

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