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How To Install Arabic Language on Samsung S7562L, I8190L, I8200L, I9070P, I9082L And More

Friday, 07 November 2014 09:20 TSAR3000

This Guide will help you to install Arabic language on some Samsung Android Smartphones which do not support Arabic, These models are not distributed in the Middle East or Arabian countries, Most of them were distributed in Latin America and Europe countries, Like S7562L, I8190L, I8200L, I9082L, I9070P, But as some Arabian users like to get the Arabic language on those Smartphones, Then it is a good idea to learn the right and safe way to install the Arabic language on them.

To install the Arabic language we will use only one file, It is known as Samsung CSC file, By installing this file on your Samsung Android Smartphone you can get the wanted language package on your device.

This method is not limited to the mentioned Samsung models, Indeed it can be tested on many Samsung Android models, All you need to have is the Arabic CSC file for the same model, For example if you have Samsung SM-G7102T Galaxy Grand 2 Duos, And you want to install Arabic language on it, Then you have to find the Arabic CSC file for SM-G7102, And after that you can try to install it on your SM-G7102T.

Important Notice:
Please keep in mind that the method we explained here is for Test, This method may work on some models and firmwares, And may not on others, So if you want to Test it, Then you agree to hold the complete Responsibility, In common if the operation was not successful, Nothing bad happen to the device, And you can fix it by reinstalling the original firmware on your phone again.

Preparation Steps:

- Check your Samsung Smartphone's firmware version (*#1234#), And write it down.

- Try to get the same firmware version of your device, Just to fix it if something goes wrong later.

- Make sure to backup any wanted data that you have on your phone.

- Charge your phone's battery.

- It is better to Hard Reset / Factory Reset your phone.

Files and Programs to Download:

- Download the suitable Arabic CSC file: We have the biggest collection of Samsung CSC files here.

- Download and install Samsung USB Driver on your PC.

- Download Odin3 flasher.

Samsung CSC File Installing Steps:

- Run Odin3.exe flasher.

- Click on CSC button and select the downloaded CSC file.

- Turn off your Samsung mobile.

- Put your Samsung mobile into Download Mode.

- Connect your Samsung mobile to your Computer via USB cable.

- Wait until Odin3 program detects your phone.

- Click on Start button to install the CSC file on your Smartphone.

- When the installing done, The device will be rebooted.

- Now you can check if the device is working normally, And check if the Arabic language is installed successfully.

Problems and Fixes:

- If your Samsung Smartphone does not work normally after installing the CSC file, Then try to Hard Reset the device and check it again.

- If you Hard Reset your Smartphone and the problem was not solved, Then you have to reinstall the original firmware on it.

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