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Free Samsung Support Update: New Samsung Firmwares Online | 22-12-2014

Monday, 22 December 2014 10:23 TSAR3000

What's New:

In this Update we added new Firmware Pages for the Samsung Galaxy A3 SM-A300H, SM-G316H, And the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 4G LTE SM-N915R4 from U.S. Cellular.

A new Android 5.0 Lollipop update was uploaded too for the Samsung Galaxy S5 G900FXXU1BNL7 | XEO1BNL1, And more new updates for some Samsung Smartphones and Tablets, Like Galaxy A5 SM-A500F & SM-A500G, SM-G800F & SM-G800H Galaxy S5 Mini, And SM-G850F Galaxy Alpha.

Some new Arabic updates were uploaded too for SM-A500H, C105, SM-G900F, And SM-T231 too.

You can check the complete details about the new Samsung Updates and Firmwares in the list below.

New Samsung A300H Firmware Updates:
A300HXXU1ANKG | OLB1ANK4 Southeast Asia 4.4.4

New Samsung A500F Firmware Updates:
A500FXXU1ANL1 | SER1ANL1 Russia 4.4.4

New Samsung A500G Firmware Updates:
A500GXXU1ANL1 | ODD1ANK3 India 4.4.4

New Samsung A500H Firmware Updates:
A500HXXU1ANL1 | OJV1ANL2 Arabic 4.4.4

New Samsung C105 Firmware Updates:
C105XXUBNK2 | OJVBNK1 Arabic 4.4.2

New Samsung G130HN Firmware Updates:
G130HNXXU0ANK1 | DBT0ANK1 Germany 4.4.2

New Samsung G130M Firmware Updates:
G130MUBU0ANK1 | UUB0ANK2 ARO Argentina 4.4.2
G130MUBU0ANK1 | UUB0ANK2 COO Colombia 4.4.2

New Samsung G310HN Firmware Updates:

New Samsung G313M Firmware Updates:
G313MUBU0ANK2 | ZTO0ANK1 Brazil 4.4.2

New Samsung G316H Firmware Updates:
G316HUDDU0ANL1 | ODD0ANL1 India 4.4.4

New Samsung G350Z Firmware Updates:
G350ZTUANK2 | ZZTANK2 BRI Taiwan 4.2.2

New Samsung G355HN Firmware Updates:
G355HNXXU0ANK2 | OXA0ANK2 PHE Spain 4.4.2

New Samsung G357FZ Firmware Updates:
G357FZXXU1ANK4 | ITV1ANK1 Italy 4.4.4

New Samsung G360H Firmware Updates:
G360HXXU0ANK6 | OXE0ANK7 SER Russia 4.4.4

New Samsung G386F Firmware Updates:
G386FXWUANK1 | XEFANK1 France 4.2.2

New Samsung G530H Firmware Updates:
G530HXCU1ANL3 | SER1ANL3 Russia 4.4.4

New Samsung G530Y Firmware Updates:
G530YZTU1ANL2 | ZZT1ANL2 BRI Taiwan 4.4.4

New Samsung G800F Firmware Updates:
G800FXXU1ANL1 | BTU1ANJ1 UK 4.4.2
G800FXXU1ANL1 | SFR1ANJ2 France SFR 4.4.2

New Samsung G800H Firmware Updates:
G800HXXU1ANH4 | UUB1ANI1 CHO Chile 4.4.2

New Samsung G850F Firmware Updates:
G850FXXU2BNK3 | H3G2BNK2 UK H3G 4.4.4
G850FXXU2BNK3 | OXX2BNL1 PHE Spain 4.4.4
G850FXXU2BNK3 | VFG2BNK3 VD2 Germany Vodafone 4.4.4

New Samsung G870F Firmware Updates:
G870FXXU1ANL1 | PHN1ANL1 Netherlands 4.4.2

New Samsung G900F Firmware Updates:
G900FXXU1ANL1 | OJV1ANL1 Arabic 4.4.2
G900FXXU1BNL7 | XEO1BNL1 Poland 5.0 Lollipop

New Samsung G900I Firmware Updates:
G900IDVU1ANK1 | TEL1ANJ1 Australia Telstra 4.4.2
G900IDVU1ANK1 | VAU1ANJ2 Australia Vodafone 4.4.2

New Samsung G900R4 Firmware Updates:
G900R4VXU1ANK1 | USC1ANK1 USC U.S Cellular 4.4.2

New Samsung G901F Firmware Updates:
G901FXXU1ANI5 | TNL1ANK2 Netherlands T-Mobile 4.4.4

New Samsung GC200 Firmware Updates:

New Samsung I747M Firmware Updates:
I747MVLUFNK2 | OYBFNK2 TLS Canada Telus 4.4.2
I747MVLUFNK2 | OYCFNK2 BMC Canada Bell 4.4.2

New Samsung I9300I Firmware Updates:
I9300IXWUBNL1 | OXEBNL2 SER Russia 4.4.4

New Samsung I9300 Firmware Updates:
I9300XXUGNJ2 | OXXGNJ1 XEF France 4.3

New Samsung I9500 Firmware Updates:
I9500UBUGNI1 | ZTOGNI1 Brazil 4.4.2
I9500UBUGNJ1 | UUBGNJ1 ARO Argentina 4.4.2

New Samsung I9505 Firmware Updates:
I9505XXUGNH6 | VAUGNH2 Australia Vodafone 4.4.2

New Samsung N7100 Firmware Updates:
N7100ZSUFNL1 | OZSFNL1 BRI Taiwan 4.4.2

New Samsung N8010 Firmware Updates:
N8010XXUDNK1 | XSADNK1 Australia 4.4.2

New Samsung N910F Firmware Updates:
N910FXXU1ANK6 | H3G1ANK1 UK H3G 4.4.4

New Samsung N910G Firmware Updates:
N910GDTU1ANK3 | VAU1ANK3 Australia Vodafone 4.4.4

New Samsung N915R4 Firmware Updates:
N915R4TYU1ANL3 | USC1ANL3 USC U.S Cellular 4.4.4

New Samsung P5200 Firmware Updates:
P5200XXUBNK1 | OLBBNJ1 Southeast Asia 4.4.2
P5200XXUBNK1 | PHEBNK1 Spain 4.4.2

New Samsung P5210 Firmware Updates:
P5210XXUBNK2 | OXABNK2 XEF France 4.4.2

New Samsung P5220 Firmware Updates:
P5220XXUBNI1 | DTMBNI1 Germany T-Mobile 4.4.2

New Samsung P605V Firmware Updates:
P605VVRUCNK1 | VZWCNK1 USA Verizon 4.4.2

New Samsung P605 Firmware Updates:
P605XXUCNJ2 | XSACNJ1 Australia 4.4.2

New Samsung P607T Firmware Updates:
P607TUVUANK2 | TMBANK2 TMB USA T-Mobile 4.4.4

New Samsung P901 Firmware Updates:
P901XXUANK2 | OXEANI1 SER Russia 4.4.2

New Samsung P905M Firmware Updates:
P905MUBUANK1 | ZTOANK1 Brazil 4.4.2

New Samsung P905 Firmware Updates:
P905XXUANK2 | ITVANG1 Italy 4.4.2

New Samsung S7262 Firmware Updates:
S7262XEUANK1 | OXEANK1 SER Russia 4.1.2

New Samsung S7580 Firmware Updates:
S7580XXUBNI3 | ITVBNI1 Italy 4.2.2

New Samsung S7582L Firmware Updates:
S7582LDCUANK1 | THWANI2 4.2.2

New Samsung S7710 Firmware Updates:
S7710XXANI3 | ITVANI1 Italy 4.1.2

New Samsung T210 Firmware Updates:
T210XXBNI1 | ZTOBNI1 Brazil 4.4.2
T210XXBNL1 | ODDBNL1 India 4.4.2
T210XXBNL1 | OXABNL1 ITV Italy 4.4.2

New Samsung T211 Firmware Updates:
T211UBUBNK2 | ZTOBNK2 Brazil 4.4.2

New Samsung T231 Firmware Updates:
T231XXU0ANJ4 | OJV0ANK2 Arabic 4.4.2

New Samsung T320 Firmware Updates:
T320XXU1BNI1 | OXX1BNJ1 PHE Spain 4.4.2

New Samsung T330 Firmware Updates:
T330XXU1ANH2 | XEF1ANH1 France 4.4.2
T330XXU1ANJ1 | OXE1ANJ1 SER Russia 4.4.2

New Samsung T531 Firmware Updates:
T531UBU1ANH2 | UUB1ANH1 ARO Argentina 4.4.2

New Samsung T535 Firmware Updates:
T535XXU1ANK1 | VAU1ANJ1 Australia Vodafone 4.4.2

New Samsung T707V Firmware Updates:
T707VVRU1ANK1 | VZW1ANK1 VZW USA Verizon 4.4.2

All The Above Firmwares and Updates can be downloaded at our Free Samsung Support Section.

Last Updated on Monday, 22 December 2014 10:34

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