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New Samsung Updates 21/4/2015: The Latest Galaxy S6 Firmwares And New Models Are Online

Tuesday, 21 April 2015 06:59 TSAR3000

What's New:

New Firmware pages for some new Samsung models are now online, We add new firmware pages for the Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G920P from Sprint USA, SM-G920R4 Galaxy S6 from U.S. Cellular, And SM-G902W8 Galaxy S6 LTE Canada.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Canada I337M got the first Android 5.0.1 Lollipop update, The first Arabic firmware for Samsung G316HU Galaxy S Duos 3 VE is online now, And many new Android KitKat and

Lollipop updates are online for a lot of Samsung Smartphones and Tablets too.

You can check the complete details about the new Samsung Updates and Firmwares in the list below.

New Samsung A300M Firmware Updates:
A300MUBU1AOC1 | UUB1AOC1 ARO Argentina 4.4.4
A300MUBU1AOC1 | ZTO1AOC1 Brazil 4.4.4

New Samsung A300YZ Firmware Updates:
A300YZUJU1AOC1 | UUB1AOC1 CHO Chile 4.4.4

New Samsung A500FU Firmware Updates:
A500FUXXU1AOB4 | BTU1AOB1 UK 4.4.4

New Samsung A500M Firmware Updates:
A500MUBU1AOC1 | UUB1AOC1 ARO Argentina 4.4.4

New Samsung E700F Firmware Updates:
E700FDXU1AOC1 | OLC1AOC1 Southeast Asia 4.4.4

New Samsung G130M Firmware Updates:
G130MUBU0AOC1 | UUB0AOC1 ARO Argentina 4.4.2

New Samsung G310HN Firmware Updates:
G310HNXXU0AOC1 | OXX0AOC1 DBT Germany 4.4.2

New Samsung G313H Firmware Updates:
G313HXXU0AOC2 | OJV0AOA2 Arabic 4.4.2

New Samsung G316HU Firmware Updates:
G316HUDXU0AOC2 | THL0AOA3 Southeast Asia 4.4.4
G316HUJVU0ANL3 | OJV0ANL2 Arabic 4.4.4

New Samsung G355HN Firmware Updates:
G355HNXXU0AOB2 | XEC0AOC1 Spain Movistar 4.4.2

New Samsung G355M Firmware Updates:
G355MUBU0AOC5 | UUB0AOC5 CHO Chile 4.4.2

New Samsung G357FZ Firmware Updates:
G357FZXXU1AOB2 | DBT1AOA1 Germany 4.4.4
G357FZXXU1AOB2 | FTM1AOC1 France Orange 4.4.4
G357FZXXU1AOB2 | ITV1AOD1 Italy 4.4.4

New Samsung G357M Firmware Updates:
G357MUBU0AOC1 | UB0AOC1 ARO Argentina 4.4.2

New Samsung G360G Firmware Updates:
G360GDVU1AOC2 | OPP1AOC2 Australia 4.4.4

New Samsung G530H Firmware Updates:
G530HXXU2AOC2 | ODD2AOA1 India 4.4.4

New Samsung G800F Firmware Updates:
G800FXXU1ANL1 | BTU1AOC1 UK 4.4.2

New Samsung G860P Firmware Updates:
G860PVPU2BOC5 | SPT2BOC5 SPR Sprint USA 5.0

New Samsung G870F Firmware Updates:
G870FXXU1BOC1 | FTM1BOC1 France Orange 5.0

New Samsung G900F Firmware Updates:
G900FXXU1BOC7 | XEC1BOC1 Spain Movistar 5.0
G900FXXU1POCN | DTM1POCN Germany T-Mobile 5.0

New Samsung G900H Firmware Updates:
G900HXXU1BOD1 | UUB1BOD1 ARO Argentina 5.0

New Samsung G900M Firmware Updates:
G900MUBU1BOC4 | ZTO1BOC4 Brazil 5.0

New Samsung G901F Firmware Updates:
G901FXXU1BOC4 | FTM1BOB2 France Orange 5.0

New Samsung G920F Firmware Updates:

G920FXXU1AOD5 | OJV1AOD2 Arabic 5.0.2

New Samsung G920I Firmware Updates:
G920IDVU1AOD1 | KSA1AOCE Arabic 5.0.2
G920IDVU1AOD1 | OLC1AOD1 Southeast Asia 5.0.2

New Samsung G920P Firmware Updates:

New Samsung G920R4 Firmware Updates:
G920R4TYU1AOCB | USC1AOCB USC U.S.Cellular 5.0.2

New Samsung G920W8 Firmware Updates:
G920W8VLU1AOCC | OYA1AOCC BMC Canada Bell 5.0.2
G920W8VLU1AOCG | OYA1AOCG TLS Canada Telus 5.0.2

New Samsung G925F Firmware Updates:

G925FXXU1AOD9 | OXX1AOCN XEF France 5.0.2

New Samsung I337M Firmware Updates:
I337MVLUGOC4 | OYAGOC4 BMC Canada Bell 5.0.1
I337MVLUGOC4 | OYAGOC4 FMC Canada Fido 5.0.1
I337MVLUGOC4 | OYAGOC4 RWC Canada Rogers 5.0.1
I337MVLUGOC4 | OYAGOC4 TLS Canada Telus 5.0.1

New Samsung I8200L Firmware Updates:
I8200LUBUAOC1 | ZTOAOC1 Brazil 4.2.2

New Samsung I9190 Firmware Updates:
I9190XXUCOC1 | SERCOC1 Russia 4.4.2

New Samsung I9195I Firmware Updates:
I9195IXXU1AOB1 | NEE1AOC1 Nordic 4.4.4

New Samsung I9195 Firmware Updates:
I9195XXUCOC2 | NEECOC1 Nordic 4.4.2

New Samsung I9205 Firmware Updates:
I9205XXUDOA1 | VFGDOC1 VD2 Germany Vodafone 4.4.2

New Samsung I9295 Firmware Updates:
I9295XXUDOB4 | DTMDOB2 Germany T-Mobile 5.0.1

New Samsung I9305 Firmware Updates:
I9305XXUFOB2 | DTMFOB2 Germany T-Mobile 4.4.4

New Samsung I9505 Firmware Updates:
I9505VJUHOC1 | UUBHOC1 CHO Chile 5.0.1
I9505XXUHOC6 | OLBHOC2 Southeast Asia 5.0.1

New Samsung J100FN Firmware Updates:
J100FNXXU0AOC2 | OJV0AOC1 TUR Turkey 4.4.4

New Samsung N5110 Firmware Updates:
N5110XXDNK1 | UVSDNK1 ARO Argentina 4.4.2

New Samsung N5120 Firmware Updates:
N5120XXDOD1 | BTUDOD1 UK 4.4.2

New Samsung N900V Firmware Updates:
N900VVRUEOB6 | VZWEOB6 VZW USA Verizon 5.0

New Samsung N910G Firmware Updates:
N910GDTU1BOC6 | ODD1BOC3 India 5.0.1

New Samsung N910H Firmware Updates:
N910HXXU1BOC5 | OLB1BOC1 Southeast Asia 5.0.1

New Samsung N915G Firmware Updates:
N915GXXU1BOC2 | XSA1BOC2 Australia 5.0.1

New Samsung N915R4 Firmware Updates:
N915R4TYU1BOC5 | USC1BOC5 USC U.S.Cellular 5.0.1

New Samsung P900 Firmware Updates:
P900XXUAOC1 | OLBAOC1 Southeast Asia 4.4.2

New Samsung T230 Firmware Updates:
T230XXU0AOC1 | ITV0AOC2 Italy 4.4.2
T230XXU0AOC1 | OJV0AOC1 TUR Turkey 4.4.2

New Samsung T235 Firmware Updates:
T235XXU1AOB2 | OLB1AOB1 Southeast Asia 4.4.2

New Samsung T310 Firmware Updates:
T310XXUBOD2 | BTUBOD2 UK 4.4.2

New Samsung T331 Firmware Updates:
T331XXU1ANH2 | OJV1ANG1 Arabic 4.4.2

New Samsung T520 Firmware Updates:
T520XXUAOB1 | OLBAOB1 Southeast Asia 4.4.2
T520XXUAOB1 | XSAAOC1 Australia 4.4.2

All The Above Firmwares and Updates can be downloaded at our Free Samsung Support Section, And you can download some Samsung firmwares with resume support at this page.

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 21 April 2015 18:13

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