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How To JailBreak Your iPhone 3G,3Gs,4G


How To JailBreak Your iPhone

3G - 3Gs - 4G


Finally And After A long Time You Can JailBreak Any iPhone You May Get Updated To V4.0.0 Or 4.0.1

By Very Easy Way Which Is Done By COMEX.


To Make It Right You Must Check That Your iPhone Is Activated on V4.0.0 Or 4.0.1.

After That You Can Follow These Easy Steps One By One :


1- From Your iPhone Springboard Lunch Safari.

2- In The Address Bar Enter This Web Location : And Press Done.

3- You Will Get To Screen With Slaide Bar Talk About This Tool So To Start It Just Move The Slider To Right.

4- After Downloading Finished The Tool Will Start By Itself.

5- When Process Finished Just Press Ok.

7- Now You Can Press Home Button To See Cydia On Your Springboard.

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