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How To Flash Samsung E2730


How To Flash


1- You need to get E2730 Downloader to flash this phone.

2- Turn On the phone and connect it to your PC via USB cable, then install drivers.

3- Now Turn Off the phone and disconnect it from PC & Cable, Take its Battery Out and in again and keep it off.

4- Take the S20 Pin (Swift) serial cable (SGH-T409 DM+USB) and connect it together with an serial to USB adapter to the PC’s USB port.

5- Run E2730 Downloader and check this settings :

- In Serial Port section you have to select Com number that your cable takes and Speed must be 460800.

- You have to select 3 files each one in its field ( BIN - TFS - CSC ).

- Mark the option : With Common CSC ( Beside CSC File Selection Field ).

6- After that press the START button and immediately connect the phone to the Swift cable, While the buttons gets de-activated, you have to power on the phone manually.

7- If you can see the message, that the phone is ready to DOWNLOAD, you can click on the DOWNLOAD button and the program starts to update the phone.

8- Wait until the downloader is finish and disconnect the phone.

9- Take out and in the battery and start the handset.

10- FULLY reset: *2767*3855# and DONE


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