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How To Flash Samsung B520


How To Flash




For flashing this model of Samsung you need to use B520 Optiflash program and follow the next steps:

1-      Run B520 Optiflash program.

2-      Select the "Options" "Settings" "Generic" "Specify hardware platform".

3-      From the drop down list choose : Customer T: Kabura/Bauhaus(spansion 256/64, USB) as hardware type.

4-      Check the option: Erase All Unused Regions ( Use With Caution ).

5-      From COM Port Tab select Com port number and speed.

6-      From Flash & Verify tab press on Browse button to select B520 flash file (B520xxxx.s3).

7-      From Default Contents tab press on Browse button to select B520 Contents file which end with *.CTS.

8-      From Default Contents tab check the option: S – Record with Contents.

9-      After that press OK.

10-   Remove battery from the phone and put it back then press (*+Power) at the same time and connect USB cable to phone.

11-   Press Flash button.

12-   Type YES in the message box and press OK to start flashing.

13-   The program will complete the process and when done it will show you "All is well"

14-   Power on the phone and do full reset by this code *2767*3855#.

15-   Wait till the operation done and the phone will restart by itself and will be ready to use.


Samsung B520 Original Firmwares.


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