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How To Update Samsung S5530 Software


How To Update

SAMSUNG S5530 Software



Samsung S5530 Software Update Steps :

In case you have Samsung S5530 phone and you need to update its software or flash it you can read the following steps one by one to do that with no mistake.


First you need to download Samsung S5530 downloader.

1-      To enter the download mode of Samsung S5530 you have to press ( Volume down + 9 + Power)

2-      Connect USB cable to the phone.

3-      On program window press Port Search to check good connection.

4-      Open the Flash File folder and Drag And Drop all files on the downloader window so the right files will be selected.

5-      If you need to flash Boot Files too just check : Full Download.

6-      Press Download Button to start programming.

7-      Do not remove or disconnect cable till the process complete.


Samsung S5530 Original Firmwares.

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