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JailBreak Tutorial For iPhone 3Gs - 4G - iPod Touch 3G - 4G


JailBreak Tutorial


iPhone 3Gs - 4G And iPod Touch 3G + 4G


In this Tutorial you will use the latest avilable program to make it done, it is LimeRa1n.

This Tool can JailBreak Only Not Unlock so keep that in mind.

The LimeRa1n Support these devices:

iPhone 3Gs - iPhone 4G - iPod Touch 3G - iPod Touch 4G - iPad.

iOS version Supported by LimeRa1n:

iOS 4.0 + 4.1 but not Beta versions.

Using LimeRa1n is very easy just follow these simple steps:

  1. Donwload LimeRa1n program.
  2. Connect your iPhone to your PC by USB cable and run Limera1n, after the progrma detect it hit “make it ra1n”.
  3. Get your device into DFU mode by following the steps on the screen shown by Limera1n program.
  4. Limera1n app should be shown on your iPhone's home screen and will pwn your device.
  5. Now Tap on the limera1n icon on your device and install Cydia.

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