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New Samsung Updates 27-06-2016: The Latest Samsung Updates and Firmwares Online

Monday, 27 June 2016 17:10 TSAR3000

What's New:

- New Firmware Page for:
Samsung SM-G930V Galaxy S7 LTE Verizon USA.

- The First Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update for the Samsung SM-A510F Galaxy A5 2016, Samsung SM-A700FD Galaxy A7 Duos, And Samsung SM-J700H Galaxy J7.

- New Arabic Firmwares for: The Samsung SM-A510F Galaxy A5 2016, Samsung SM-A800F Galaxy A8, Samsung SM-G531H Galaxy Grand Prime VE Duos, Samsung SM-G925F Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung SM-G925i Galaxy S6 Edge LTE-A, Samsung SM-J200F Galaxy J2 Duos LTE, Samsung SM-J500H Galaxy J5 Duos, Samsung SM-N910C Galaxy Note 4, Samsung SM-N915F Galaxy Note Edge LTE-A.

You can check the complete details about the new Samsung Updates and Firmwares in the list below.

New Samsung A500F Firmware Updates:
A500FXXU1BPF1 | SER1BPF1 Russia 5.0.2

New Samsung A510F Firmware Updates:
A510FXXS2APE2 | BTU2APC1 UK 5.1.1
A510FXXS2APE2 | DBT2APC1 Germany 5.1.1
A510FXXS2APE2 | NEE2APC1 Nordic 5.1.1
A510FXXS2APE2 | OJV2APC1 Arabic 5.1.1
A510FXXU2BPF9 | OXY2BPF9 SER Russia 6.0.1

New Samsung A700FD Firmware Updates:
A700FDXXU1CPF4 | SER1CPF4 Russia 6.0.1

New Samsung A800F Firmware Updates:
A800FXXU1APE1 | OJV1APB1 Arabic 5.1.1

New Samsung G361H Firmware Updates:
G361HXXU0APE2 | ODD0APD1 India 5.1.1

New Samsung G389F Firmware Updates:
G389FXXU1APE4 | XEU1APF1 UK / Ireland 6.0.1

New Samsung G530H Firmware Updates:
G530HXXS2BPE1 | UUB2BPC2 CHO Chile 5.0.2

New Samsung G531BT Firmware Updates:
G531BTVJU0APE1 | ZTO0APE1 Brazil 5.1.1

New Samsung G531F Firmware Updates:
G531FDDU1APE1 | ODD1APE1 India 5.1.1

New Samsung G531H Firmware Updates:
G531HXXU0APE1 | OJV0APE1 Arabic 5.1.1

New Samsung G900FD Firmware Updates:
G900FDXXS1CPE2 | OXE1CPE2 SER Russia 6.0.1

New Samsung G900F Firmware Updates:
G900FXXU1CPEM | DBT1CPE2 Germany 6.0.1
G900FXXU1CPEM | XEO1CPE2 Poland 6.0.1

New Samsung G900H Firmware Updates:
G900HXXS1BPF1 | UUB1BPA2 ARO Argentina 5.0

New Samsung G900P Firmware Updates:
G900PVPU3CPE1 | SPT3CPE1 SPR Sprint USA 6.0.1

New Samsung G903F Firmware Updates:
G903FXXU1BPF1 | OXA1BPF2 DBT Germany 6.0.1

New Samsung G920F Firmware Updates:
G920FXXS3DPF1 | OXX3DPD1 XEO Poland 6.0.1

New Samsung G920I Firmware Updates:
G920IDVS3EPF6 | ZTO3EPE5 Brazil 6.0.1

New Samsung G920W8 Firmware Updates:
G920W8VLU3CPF2 | OYA3CPF2 BMC Canada Bell 6.0.1

New Samsung G925F Firmware Updates:
G925FXXS3DPF1 | BTU3DPD2 UK 6.0.1
G925FXXS3DPF1 | OXX3DPD1 ROM Romania 6.0.1
G925FXXS3DPF1 | OXX3DPD1 XEO Poland 6.0.1
G925FXXS3DPF3 | OJV3DPB4 Arabic 6.0.1            
G925FXXU3DPFJ | OLB3DPFJ Southeast Asia 6.0.1

New Samsung G925I Firmware Updates:
G925IDVS3EPF6 | ZTO3EPE5 Brazil 6.0.1
G925IDVU3EPF4 | KSA3EPF1 Arabic 6.0.1

New Samsung G928C Firmware Updates:
G928CXXU2BPE8 | OJV2BPE8 TUR Turkey 6.0.1

New Samsung G928F Firmware Updates:
G928FXXU2BPE6 | OXX2BPE7 XEO Poland 6.0.1
G928FXXU2BPE6 | OXX2BPF1 XEF France 6.0.1

New Samsung G928G Firmware Updates:
G928GUBS2BPF3 | UUB2BPE4 ARO Argentina 6.0.1

New Samsung G928R4 Firmware Updates:
G928R4TYU2BPE1 | USC2BPE1 USC U.S Cellular 6.0.1

New Samsung G930F Firmware Updates:
G930FXXU1APF8 | ZTO1APE9 Brazil 6.0.1

New Samsung G930V Firmware Updates:
G930VVRU2APE1 | VZW2APE1 VZW Verizon USA 6.0.1

New Samsung G935F Firmware Updates:
G935FXXU1APF3 | VFG1APF3 VOD UK Vodafone 6.0.1
G935FXXU1APF8 | ZTO1APE9 Brazil 6.0.1

New Samsung I9300I Firmware Updates:
I9300IUBSBPE1 | ZTOBOD1 Brazil 4.4.4

New Samsung J110M Firmware Updates:
J110MUBU0APC1 | PSN0APD2 Argentina Personal 5.1.1

New Samsung J200F Firmware Updates:
J200FXXU1APE1 | OJV1APE1 Arabic 5.1.1

New Samsung J200GU Firmware Updates:
J200GUDXU1APE1 | OLB1APE1 Southeast Asia 5.1.1

New Samsung J320G Firmware Updates:
J320GXXU0APF2 | OLB0APF1 Southeast Asia 5.1.1

New Samsung J320H Firmware Updates:
J320HXXU0APF1 | OLB0APF1 Southeast Asia 5.1.1

New Samsung J320P Firmware Updates:
J320PVPU1APE1 | SPT1APE1 SPR Sprint USA 5.1.1

New Samsung J500H Firmware Updates:
J500HXXS1APE1 | OJV1APE2 Arabic 5.1.1   

New Samsung J700H Firmware Updates:
J700HXXU2BPF2 | OXY2BPF2 SER Russia 6.0.1

New Samsung N910C Firmware Updates:
N910CXXU2DPF4 | ZTO2DPE2 Brazil 6.0.1
N910CXXU2DPF6 | OJV2DPF1 Arabic 6.0.1

New Samsung N910F Firmware Updates:
N910FXXS1PPF1 | NEE1POK1 Nordic 5.1.1

New Samsung N915F Firmware Updates:
N915FXXS1DPF2 | OLC1DPE1 Southeast Asia 6.0.1
N915FXXU1DPF1 | OJV1DPF1 Arabic 6.0.1

New Samsung N915G Firmware Updates:
N915GXXS1DPF1 | ODD1DPE2 India 6.0.1

New Samsung N9208 Firmware Updates:
N9208XXU2BPE3 | OLB2BPE3 Southeast Asia 6.0.1

New Samsung N920G Firmware Updates:
N920GUBU2BPE4 | UUB2BPF1 ARO Argentina 6.0.1
N920GUBU2BPE4 | ZTO2BPF1 Brazil 6.0.1

New Samsung N920R4 Firmware Updates:
N920R4TYU2BPE1 | USC2BPE1 USC U.S Cellular 6.0.1

New Samsung N920V Firmware Updates:
N920VVRS2BPF2 | VZW2BPF2 VZW Verizon USA 6.0.1

New Samsung T555 Firmware Updates:
T555XXU1BPDA | VFG1BPE4 VOD UK Vodafone 6.0.1

New Samsung T560 Firmware Updates:
T560XXU0APE2 | NEE0APE1 Nordic 4.4.4
T560XXU0APE2 | OXA0APE1 DBT Germany 4.4.4

New Samsung T561 Firmware Updates:
T561XXU0APE2 | OXX0APE1 ROM Romania 4.4.4
T561XXU0APE2 | OXX0APE1 XEO Poland 4.4.4

New Samsung T710 Firmware Updates:
T710XXU2CPE2 | OJV2CPE2 TUR Turkey 6.0.1

New Samsung T715 Firmware Updates:
T715XXU2BPE2 | DBT2BPE2 Germany 6.0.1
T715XXU2BPE2 | OXE2BPD1 SER Russia 6.0.1

All The Above Firmwares and Updates can be downloaded at our Free Samsung Support Section, In case you have a slow internet connection, Or if you can not download any file from the availbale mirrors, Then ask for it at our Facebook Page.

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Last Updated on Monday, 27 June 2016 17:19

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