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Samsung Firmware Updates 11 -12-2017 - Free Samsung Support Updates

Monday, 11 December 2017 16:46 TSAR3000

Samsung Firmware Updates 11 -12-2017

Here you can find all the latest Samsung Stock Firmwares and Updates we added to the Free Samsung Support section. In addetion to the new Samsung Firmware pages for the new Samsung Android Smartphones and Tablets. This update is for the date 11/12/2017.

What's New:

- New Samsung Firmware Page for:

Samsung SM-G610Y Galaxy J7 Prime Stock Firmwares.

- The First Android v7.1.1 Nougat Update for:

Samsung SM-J510GN Galaxy J5 2016.
Samsung SM-J700P Galaxy J7 Sprint USA.

- New Samsung Arabic Stock Firmwares and Updates for:

Samsung SM-G955FD Galaxy S8+ Duos.
Samsung SM-N950F Galaxy Note 8.

You can check the complete details about the new Samsung Updates and Firmwares in the list below.

New Samsung A510F Firmware Updates:
A510FXXS4CQK1 | OXX4CQJ2 XEF France 7.0

New Samsung C701F Firmware Updates:
C701FDDU1AQI4 | ODD1AQI4 India 6.0.1

New Samsung G600FY Firmware Updates:
G600FYXXU1BQK1 | ODD1BQK1 India 6.0.1

New Samsung G610Y Firmware Updates:
G610YZTU1AQE7 | XSA1AQE5 XSA Australia 6.0.1

New Samsung G928T Firmware Updates:
G928TUVS4EQK1 | TMB4EQK1 TMB T-Mobile USA 7.0

New Samsung G950F Firmware Updates:
G950FXXU1AQK7 | OXM1AQK7 XEF France 7.0

New Samsung G955FD Firmware Updates:
G955FDXXU1AQK7 | OXM1AQK7 EGY Arabic 7.0

New Samsung G955U Sprint Firmware Updates:

New Samsung J320F Firmware Updates:
J320FXXU0AQK2 | DBT0AQK1 DBT Germany 5.1.1

New Samsung J327T Firmware Updates:
J327TUVU1AQK6 | TMB1AQK6 TMB T-Mobile USA 7.0

New Samsung J510FN Firmware Updates:
J510FNXXU2BQK1 | OLE2BQJF Southeast Asia 7.1.1

New Samsung J510GN Firmware Updates:
J510GNDXU2BQK1 | OLB2BQK1 Southeast Asia 7.1.1  

New Samsung J700M Firmware Updates:
J700MUBU2BQK2 | ZTO2BQK2 ZTO Brazil 6.0.1

New Samsung J700P Firmware Updates:
J700PVPU2BQJ2 | SPT2BQJ2 SPR Sprint USA 7.1.1  

New Samsung J701F Firmware Updates:
J701FDDU2AQK2 | ODD2AQK2 India 7.0

New Samsung J730G Firmware Updates:
J730GDXU2AQK1 | OLE2AQK1 Southeast Asia 7.0

New Samsung N920T Firmware Updates:
N920TUVS4EQK1 | TMB4EQK1 TMB T-Mobile USA 7.0

New Samsung N950F Firmware Updates:
N950FXXS1AQK9 | OXM1AQHF DBT Germany 7.1.1
N950FXXS1AQK9 | OXM1AQHF India 7.1.1
N950FXXS1AQK9 | OXM1AQHF KSA Arabic 7.1.1
N950FXXS1AQK9 | OXM1AQHF XEF France 7.1.1

New Samsung N950U Sprint Firmware Updates:

New Samsung T390 Firmware Updates:
T390XXU1AQJ3 | XEF1AQJ2 XEF France 7.1.1

New Samsung T395 Firmware Updates:
T395XXU1AQJ3 | XEF1AQK1 XEF France 7.1.1

You can download all Samsung Firmwares and Updates at our Free Samsung Support Section. In case you have a slow internet connection, Or if you can not download any file from the available mirrors, Then ask for it at our Facebook Page.

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Last Updated on Monday, 11 December 2017 17:24

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