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How To Flash Samsung E1170


How To Flash

Samsung E1170



Samsung Give Us many new models everyday and they do not forget to make simple phone like Samsung E1170.

This Is Simple and easy guide on Flashing Samsung E1170 step by step.


Tools: Samsung E1170 Downloader - Serial Cable.

Firmwares: Samsung E1170 Original Firmwares.


  1. Run Samsung E1170 Download Program.
  2. From Serial Port Section select COM number and Speed.
  3. Check: Auto Dwonloader option.
  4. Check option: Power - ON after download.
  5. Check the option: BIN + TFS.
  6. Now you have to select two files: Cla file as BIN and TFS file each one in his field.
  7. Press START button and connect cable to phone.
  8. Press DOWNLOAD button to start the process.
  9. Wait till the operation completed and disconnect the phone,then turn it on.

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