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How To Update Samsung D840 Firmware


How To Update

Samsung D840 Firmware



Easy and Clear step by step guide to help you Flash And Update Samsung D840.

Samsung D840 Features:

- Camera 2 MP and camcorder

- Music player

- File viewer

- Bluetooth

- Phone to TV

- Image editor

- Photo printing

- Multimedia Message Service (MMS)

- E-mail

- Offline mode

- Web browser

Tools: Samsung D840 Download Program - USB cable.

Firmwares: Samsung D840 Original Firmwares.

Firmware Update Steps:

  1. Run Samsung D840 Download Program.
  2. Select: "Options" > "Settings" >"Generic" >"Specify hardware platform".
  3. Select Customer T: D830/D840/E900 ( USB ).
  4. Also check this Option: Erase all Unused Regions.
  5. Connect the phone in Download mode:( Press * + END call ) and connect USB cable to phone.
  6. Now select the Com Port that the phone takes.
  7. From Flash and Verify tab select S3 flash file you want to flash it.
  8. From Default Contents tab select CTS file and check: S-record with Contents.
  9. Click on Flash button and type YES in the message box then click OK to Start the process.
  10. Do not touch or remove the cable till the Program tell you: All is Well.
  11. Turn On the phone and do full reset by the code: *2767*3855#.

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