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How To Update Samsung I6210 Firmware


How To Update

Samsung I6210 Firmware


Even Samsung I6210 Support 2G Networks only but it has a good collection of Features:

- EDGE Capability (2.5G)

- 2 Mega pixel Camera

- 2.4”, 240x320 TFT LCD

- Mobile TV (ISDB - T )

- USB v2.0(Full Speed), BT v2.0

- Music Library, MP3/AAC/AAC+/AAC+e/WMA

- OMA DRM v1.0 FL only

- External Memory Support (microSD)

- Camera and camcorder

- SMS/MMS/E-Mail

- Phonebook

- Voice recorder


Tools: Samsung I6210 Download Program - USB cable.


Firmware Update Steps:

  1. Run Samsung I6210 Download Program.
  2. Select MSM6245/MSM6260, and Full Download (check).
  3. From the release files, find and select the folder BOOTFILES.
  4. Select Modem: amss.bin
  5. Select Rsrc1: Rsrc_I6210_xxxx.rc1
  6. Select Rsrc2: Rsrc2_I6210_xxxx(low).rc2
  7. Select FactoryFS: FactoryFS_I6210_xxxx.ffs
  8. Power off the phone, and then press “*” with “END”. You will see the DOWNLOAD screen.
  9. Connect the USB cable, and press Port Search. Once you see “Ready…”, press Download
  10. After downloading the BOOTFILES, the phone will automatically reboot and continue downloading the remaining files.
  11. After downloading, the phone will reboot and auto-rebuild. Once this is done the phone will reboot again.
  12. All is Done.


Firmwares: Samsung I6210 Original Firmwares

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