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How To Update Firmware Of Samsung S5520


How To Update Firmware


Samsung S5520


This lovely colorful model of Samsung has a good features we will mention some them here.

To Update the firmware of Samsung S5520 you have to read this guide and follow the steps one by one.


Samsung S5520 Features:

- 2.8-inch WQVGA screen outside the main screen + LED

- Built-in touch sensor / gravity sensor

- Support Theme Download

- 320 million pixel camera, 1.3 million pixel camera before the self-timer

- Support QVGA (320 x 240) @ 15fps video recording

- Support Bluetooth 2.1 EDR / USB Interface

- FM radio

- Built-in Facebook, Twitter Application

- 16GB microSD memory card storage capacity


Tools: Samsung S5520 Download Program - USB cable.


Firmware Update Steps:

  1. Run Samsung S5520 Download Program.
  2. Put your phone into Download mode ( Press Volume down + Key 9 + End call ).
  3. Select QSC62XX
  4. In case You want to change Phone Boot too the check Full Download option.
  5. Press Boot button and select Boot files folder.
  6. Now you have too select these files each one in his field: Amss, Rsrc1, Rsec2, Factory FS, CSC, ShpApp, PFS.
  7. Press on Port Search button to check good connection with phone.
  8. Click on Download button to start updating your phone.
  9. Do Not touch or remove cable from the phone till the operation finished.
  10. After it done the phone will restart by itself.
  11. Do Full reset: *2767*3855# and it is Done.


Firmwares: Samsung S5520 Original Firmwares

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