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How To Update Samsung E1190 Firmware


How To Update Samsung E1190 Firmware


This new simple phone of Samsung has some basic features only, and even that you need to know how to fix or update its firmware by the original downloader.

Firmware Update Steps for Samsung E1190:

- Run Samsung E1190 Downloader and set Com port and Speed ( 921600 ).

- Check these options:

AutoDownloader - Power On After Download - With common CSC - BIN + TFS

- This model's Firmware comes with Four common files ( CLA,TFS,LPD,CSC ):

For BIN select: E1190xxxxx.cla

For LPD select: E1190Oxxxxx.lpd

For TFS select: E1190xxxxx.tfs

For CSC select:

- Click START button and connect the phone with battery ( Turned OFF ) to cable.

- The program will detect the phone and start updating.

- When all is done the program will tell you: Download Completed.

- Disconnect the phone and turn it on.

- Do full reset: *2767*3855#

Notice: You need serial cable or any tool that give you com port to make the program detect the phone, you may use Universal box or any other box that convert USB <-> COM.

Downloads: Samsung E1190 Original Firmwares.

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