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How To Update Firmware Of Samsung I8150 Galaxy W


How To Update Firmware Of Samsung I8150 Galaxy W


This Model of Samsung also known as Samsung Galaxy Wonder, So what is important here is not the name but the steps you must follow to update the firmware of it.

Keep in mind to make a backup of all the important information you have on the phone before taking any step, and use only original USB cable and stable PC with fully charged battery.

Firmware Update Steps:

- Run Samsung I8150 Galaxy W Downloader.

- Make sure that these options is checked: Auto Reboot, Protect OPS.

- In this step you must select the Firmware filess:

OPS: Ancora.ops

BOOT: APBOOT_I8150xxxxx...

Phone: MODEM_I8150xxxxx...

PDA: PDA_I8150xxxxx...

CSC: CSC_GT-I8150-MULTI-CSC-xxxxx...

- Put your phone into Download Mode: Volume Down + Home + Power

- Press Volume Up to get the Download Mode.

- Connect USB cable to Phone and PC and install Drivers ( if not installed before )

- Make sure that the program detect the Com port which the phone takes.

- Click Start button and wait till you see PASS word on the program.

- Disconnect the Phone and Make Full Reset: *2767*3855#

Notice: In case the Firmware package contains only one file then check ( One Package ) option in the program and select it in the field ( One Package ).

Samsung I8150 Galaxy W Original Firmwares.

Samsung I8150 USB Drivers.

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