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Updates: Android ICS 4.0.3 for Galaxy S II and Latest Firmwares for Galaxy Note

Saturday, 24 March 2012 18:32 TSAR3000

Updates: Android ICS 4.0.3 for Galaxy S II and Latest Firmwares for Galaxy Note



In this Update you can Get the New Android ICS 4.0.3 for Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II in addition to New Firmwares for Samsung N7000 Galaxy Note, And other Models have many new Updates for Android 2.3.6 and BADA 2.0.

So let's Start with Android ICS 4.0.3 for Galaxy S II:

I9100XXLPJ/OXA Android 4.0.3
I9100UHLPE/UUB TTT Android 4.0.3
I9100XXLPQ/OXALPQ XEO Poland Android 4.0.3
I9100XXLPQ/OXXLPD NEE Nordic Android 4.0.3
I9100XXLPQ/OXXLPD SEB Baltic Android 4.0.3
I9100XXLPQ/OXXLPD XEH Hungary Android 4.0.3
I9100ZSLPE/OZS Hong Kong Android 4.0.3
I9100DXLP7/OLB XSE Android 4.0.3
I9100XWLP2/OXELP4 SER Russia Android 4.0.3
I9100XXLPQ/3IELP2 Ireland Android 4.0.3
I9100XXLPQ/H3GLP2 UK Android 4.0.3
I9100XXLPQ/OXXLPD CYO Cyprus Android 4.0.3
I9100XXLPQ/HTDLP3 Denmark Android 4.0.3
I9100XXLPQ/HTSLP3 Sweden Android 4.0.3
I9100XXLPQ/ODDLP7 SLK Android 4.0.3

Then you can Get the Latest Firmwares for N7000 Galaxy Note:

N7000XXLC1/OXXLB3 SIM Slovenia Android 2.3.6
N7000XXLC1/OXXLB3 XEF France Android 2.3.6
N7000XXLC1/SFRLC2 France Android 2.3.6
N7000XXLC1/CPWLB2 UK Android 2.3.6
N7000XXLC1/OXXLB3 TPH Portugal Android 2.3.6
N7000XXLA6/VD2KL1 Germany Android 2.3.6
N7000XXLC1/OXALC1 Android 2.3.6
N7000XXLC1/OXA DBT Germany Android 2.3.6
N7000XXLC1/OXXLB3 NEE Nordic Android 2.3.6
N7000XXLC1/OXXLB3 VIM Macedonia Android 2.3.6

And here are More new Firmwares for Android Models of Samsung:

B5510CEKK1/KPPKI2 Netherlands Android 2.3.6
B5510BVLB1/AMNKJ2 Spain Android 2.3.6

I5510XWKPG/MOTKP2 Slovenia Android 2.3.6
I5510XWKPG/XENKP2 Netherlands Android 2.3.6

I5510TVJKP6/ZTOKP6 Brazil Android 2.3.6

I5800BAJP6/ATLJP5 Spain Android 2.2

I8150XXLB4/OJVLB1 Turkey Android 2.3.6
I8150DXLC1/OLBLA1 XME Android 2.3.6

I9003ZFKPG/FETKPA Taiwan Android 2.3.5

I9100XWKK2/XSAKK1 Australia Android 2.3.6
I9100UHKG7/UVCKG2 CTI Argentina Android 2.3.4

I9100GZCLC1/OZHLC1 China Android 2.3.6
I9100GXWKJ2/OJVKG1 TMC Android 2.3.6
I9100GXXLB1/ATOKL1 Austria Android 2.3.6

I9100MUGKG2/BMC Canada Bell Android 2.3.3

P1000XWJQ8/AUTJQ1 Switzerland Android 2.3.6

P1000RUXKG1/RWCKG1 Canada Android 2.3.3

P1010DXKP5/OLB XTC Android 2.3.6

P6810XXLB4/OXXKK2 FOP Spain Android 2.3.6

S5360XXLA2/OJVLA1 Turkey Android 2.3.6

S5360LUHLB1/PET Android 2.3.6
S5360LUHKK4/COMKK2 Colombia Android 2.3.6
S5360LUMKJ2/TCE Mexico Android 2.3.6

S5363XXKK3/VIDKI7 Android 2.3.6

S5570IZCLA1/CHN China Android 2.3.6

S5570LWMKPM/SAMKP6 Android 2.3.6
S5570LWMKPM/UVCKP4 CTI Argentina Android 2.3.6

S5660XXKT7/TCLKS2 Portugal Android 2.3.6

S5670XXKPU/SER Russia Android 2.3.6

S5690LUBLA3/UUBLA1 TTT Android 2.3.6

S5830XXKPT/SERKPT Russia Android 2.3.6

S5830IBGLB3/XECLB1 Spain Android 2.3.6

S6102JPLA3 Android 2.3.6

S7500XXLC2/VIRLC2 UK Android 2.3.6

And for Sure you will Get More New Firmwares for Bada Phones:

S5380DJVKK4/OJVKK2 Turkey Bada 2.0

S7230EMXXLA1/OXALA1 Bada 2.0
S7230EXXKG1/OXFKA3 MOT Bada 1.1
S7230EXXLB3/OXA Bada 2.0

S7250DJVKK2/OJVKJ3 Turkey Bada 2.0

S8530XXLB1/OXFLB2 SEB Baltic Bada 2.0
S8530XXLB2/TLBLB1 Belgium Bada 2.0
S8530ZCLB4/China Bada 2.0
S8530XELB1/Bada 2.0

S8500BWLA1/VIALB1 Germany O2 Bada 2.0
S8500XXLA1/OXFLA2 MOT Slovenia Bada 2.0
S8500BULA3/VFGLA5 VGR Greece Bada 2.0
S8500ZCLB4/China Bada 2.0
S8500CXLB3/PLSLC1 Poland Bada 2.0
S8500XELB2/CISLC2 SKZ Bada 2.0
S8500XXLA1/OXFLA2 VVT Bulgaria Bada 2.0

S8600JVKK4/OJVKK2 Turkey Bada 2.0
S8600XXLA1/DBTLB1 Germany Bada 2.0
S8600XXLB1/OXA XEO Ploand Bada 2.0


And Here are Windows Phone Updates:

I8350XXKL5/XENKL5 Netherlands

All these new Updates and Firmwares are Online at Samsung Downloads Section.

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