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One Click Support: All You Need at One Place By TSAR3000 Toolbar

Thursday, 29 March 2012 17:36 TSAR3000

One Click Support: All You Need at One Place

By TSAR3000 Toolbar



In Our Work at we keep in mind that the Most Important thing now is TIME as it goes Faster and Faster from our daily life, So to help you save this Precious Time we made this Free professional Toolbar and give it to all our Great Friends.

When you Install this Toolbar you will get all you need from the in Addition to most wanted links and options all over the web, And we will give you complete Set of Features before you install it and keep in mind that it was made to Help you in the First Place and in return you can Support and Help us too.

Tsar3000 Free Toolbar Features:

- Easy and Fast Search Box: We are sure that you need to search the web for a thousand of things every day so that is very easy to be done by our Toolbar, And that is not everything but you can do your search with more options like Google Web, Images, Videos, News, Blogs, Amazon, Wikipedia, and IMDB too and for sure you want to clear all search History and that is added too.

- Free Support: This Menu will give the One Click Support to help you reach All Wanted Section at like Samsung Firmware, Samsung Flashers, How To Guides, HTC Files and Roms, iOS Firmwares and Programs, And Schematics and SM, So no need to care about anything all you have to do is One Click.

- Tools Menu: This has many useful tools like Zoom in and Out, Clear Cookies / Cache and Search History and Browsing too. You can run some common programs ( Notepad - Windows Explorer - Calculator - Command Prompt - Volume Control ).

- Share: Whenever you surf on the net you may like to Share something with Friends and Here is the Fast way, This tool will help you share anything you want on many known Sites ( Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, MySpace,...etc).

- Social: And for Sure the Most Famous Social Networks ( Facebook, Twitter ) are added too.

- YouTube: To Help you search on this Big Site for anything you like to find by easy clicks only, And see what are the Most Viewed Today.

- Fun and Entertainment: Now after the Long day of work you need to have some Fun so that will be Easier by Game tool as all you have to do is One Click to Play any of these Popular Funny Games ( Ping Pong, Karate-King, Age of Speed 2, Basketball Slam...and more). And in case you want to Watch the TV then you are at the Right place to get Many Great TV Channels in USA, UK, Spain, Italy, France...etc.

So don't you think it is A Great Idea to Support Us and Install this Free Toolbar?!

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