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Wireless Charging for Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III and More

Friday, 04 May 2012 10:58 TSAR3000

Wireless Charging for Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III and More


After a very long story of the Samsung Hero we got the new Great model of Samsung  into the official side so no more rumors as now all news are real.

So what is the Best Five Features of Samsung Galaxy III that could make it The Real Great Phone?!

Here we will Mention these:

S Voice: This is the real answer that Samsung made to Siri, and in case you do not know what is S Voice then you should know that it is A natural Language Processing Assistant that will set an alarm for you.

Improved Camera: with 8 Megapixel  Camera and Zero Shutter lag you cannot imagine what a photo you can get.

Removable Battery and microSD card slot: Not like some latest models of Samsung, This one can be easier for you to deal with as you can remove the battery for any wanted reason and also the Memory can be added or changed to.

Wireless Charging: That will make it so great as you can Charge your Galaxy S III without any wire, Even you have to get  Wireless Charging Kit but this Model deserve it.

Natural Interaction with Smart Stay, Direct Call: It will be so helpful if your smart phone can watch you by its front camera to check where are you looking at and turn its screen on and  off  automatically, And Direct Call is another amazing magic as it could call the Contact just by looking at it and then put the phone on your ear.


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