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How To Update Samsung S5830i Galaxy Ace Firmware by Odin Flasher

Wednesday, 25 July 2012 16:11 TSAR3000

How To Update Samsung S5830i Galaxy Ace Firmware by Odin Flasher


Samsung S5830i is also known as Galaxy Ace but there are two differences between this one and the Older one ( S5830 ), In the S5830i model the CPU is 832MHz and Bluetooth V3.0 when the S5830 has 800 MHz CPU and BT V2.1.

The other Features of the Both models are the same but the Firmware and Flashing program is not, So here we will try to explain how and what to use when you want to Update your Samsung S5830i Firmware.


- Samsung S5830i Firmware Package.
- Odin Flasher ( S5830i ).
- Original USB Drivers.

Download the needed tools and extract them all to a known place on your PC, Install the USB drivers and reboot your PC to go through the Update Steps.

Firmware Update Steps:

- Run Odin flasher and check these options: Re-Partition, Auto Reboot, F.Reset Time.

- Now you have to select the Firmware files that will be used by Odin to Update your phone:

PIT: cooperve_0623.pit

BOOTLOADER: DefaultCalDataWithBoot_S5830ixxxxx_REV00.tar.md5

PDA: PDA_S5830ixxxxx_REV00.tar.md5

PHONE: MODEM_S5830ixxxxx_REV00.tar.md5

CSC: GT-S5830i-MULTI-CSC-Oxxxxx.tar.md5

- Put your phone into Download Mode: Press Volume Down Key + Volume Up Key + Power.

- Connect USB cable to phone and PC and install drivers ( If needed ).

- Make sure that Odin can detect the Com Port number of your connected phone.

- Click Start button on Odin program to begin the update process.

- Odin flasher will update your phone then will restart it automatically.

- After your phone completely on do full reset by this code: *2767*3855#.

- Wait till the phone rebooted and setup the needed options to use it the way you like.

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