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Get Our Firmware Country Code Program, Get More Help For Free - Updated

Monday, 29 October 2012 08:10 TSAR3000

Get Our Firmware Country Code Program, Get More Help For Free


After the huge number of Samsung models which in return comes with more Firmware updates in addition to new countries support, We face a big mass of wanted information about those firmwares.

Firmware Country Code is a Free Tool with very simple idea but also it gives you a Great, Fast Reference about Country Carrie Codes, And here is an example:

Let's say that you get Samsung firmware package named ( I9000XFJV7_I9000OXFJV1_CNX ) and you do not know more than this is I9000 Galaxy S firmware, But what about the supported country?!

All you need to know about the supported country by the above firmwares is to run FWCC.exe and put CNX letters into the search box then hit enter to discover that CNX code is for Vodafone Romania, So now you know that I9000XFJV7_I9000OXFJV1_CNX is a firmware package for Vodafone Romania in very easy and fast way without any effort, Also in case you want to download a firmware package for T-Mobile Germany for example and you do not know which code is for it then just type Germany into the search box and hit enter and you will see all Carriers code that are working in Germany and will know that DTM = T-Mobile Germany.

We will try to keep this Tool updated with all the new Country Codes to give you more information and help, So you can check here for any new updates.

Download Firmware Country Code ( Direct Link ).

- 2/1/2013 Update: Download FWCC version 1.1 ( Direct Link ), More countries were added to this version plus more carriers.

- 13/5/2017 Update: Now you can download this application and use it on your Android phone, Download CSC Code Finder from Google Play Store ( Download )

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