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How To Update Samsung Galaxy Pocket Duos GT-S5302 Firmware Using Stock Firmware Package

Monday, 29 October 2012 18:36 TSAR3000

How To Update Samsung Galaxy Pocket Duos GT-S5302 Firmware Using Stock Firmware Package


We talked before about Samsung S5300 Galaxy Pocket model and explain in details how you can update it using original firmware files and USB cable and it was a very helpful guide for a lot of our friends, In this Guide we will talk about the new version of Galaxy Pocket which is known as Galaxy Pocket Duos GT-S5302 and from its name you can know it supports Dual SIM cards.

S5302 Galaxy Pocket Duos comes with many features like previous one ( S5300 ), This model run Android 2.3.6 version with TouchWiz UX UI support, Display size 2.80 inches with 143 PPI, Capacitive, Multi-touch, And Proximity sensor. The phone's battery gives you 15,33 hours of talk time, And it is powered by 832 MHz CPU and 3GB of internal memory, You can use microSD or microSDHC card with this model to extend its memory up to 32GB. You can use the 2MP camera to take good photos with some useful features like Smile detection, Exposure compensation, White balance presets, Geo tagging, Panorama, Scenes, Effects, And Self-timer. Like many other models this one has FM radio too, A-GPS, Bluetooth v3.0, WiFi, And the most important thing is DUAL SIM card support.

Before you start working on your phone update process please get the following tools and files:

- Samsung S5302 Original USB drivers, Download, Extract them, Then install the drivers and reboot your PC.
- Check here and find the wanted firmware package you want to install on your phone, And after you get it also extract it to be used after a while.
- Download Odin program and extract it to use it later to perform the update process.

Firmware Update Steps:

- Make sure that the phone's battery is fully charged, Then turn it off and take out the battery.

- Run Odin program and check these: Re-Partition ( If you have Pit file only ), Auto-Reboot, And F.Reset Time.

- If you have the Pit file of S5302 then Click PIT button and select it: coriDSemmc_0117.pit

- The selection of Firmware files is very easy so just follow these steps:

Click BOOTLOADER button and select: BOOT_S5302xxxxx_REV00.tar.md5

Click PDA button and select: PDA_S5302JPLH1_REV00.tar.md5

Click PHONE button and select: MODEM_S5302XXLH1_REV00.tar.md5

Click CSC button and select: GT-S5302-MULTI-CSC-Oxxxxx.tar.md5

- Download Mode of Galaxy Pocket Duos can be entered by pressing Download key + Home + Power key.

- Plug the USB cable into your PC and connect it to your phone, In case this it the first time you do that then windows will install the suitable drivers for it, Wait till the new device's drivers are installed and ready to use.

- Look at Odin program window to check if your phone has been detected correctly: you will notice that Odin defines the Com port number of the connected device 0:[COMxx] when xx is the com port number.

- Now you are ready to begin the update, So Click on Start button and let Odin do it for you.

- During this step do not remove USB cable from the phone or the computer otherwise the update will be interrupted, And that could harm your phone seriously.

- After it is done the phone will be rebooted automatically by Odin program and you will notice PASS! word on its window which means that everything is OK.

- Disconnect USB cable from your phone and at this point and wait it to be fully on.

- It is better to do Full reset to your phone using this Code: *2767*3855#.

- After you enter the above code the phone will be restarted so wait for it.

- When the phone is completely on you can start customizing it the way you like and enjoy the new Update.

Important Notices:

- The Update or Flash operation will not Sim-Unlock your device ( Unlock S5302 Galaxy Pocket Duos ).
- Use Stable PC for the update and never use USB Hub to connect the device.
- Fully charge your device's battery before updating it.
- Keep in mind to backup any wanted data from your device before the update.
- If the firmware package contains only one big file then use it in PDA field and no need to check Re.Partition option or use Pit file.

Useful Links:

- Unlock S5302 Galaxy Pocket Duos by Cable or IMEI Online ( Powered by SRS ).
- Download Samsung Galaxy Pocket Duos Firmwares: S5302.

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