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How To Update Samsung I8190 Galaxy S III Mini Firmware Using Odin Program, USB cable, And Stock Firmware

Wednesday, 14 November 2012 14:19 TSAR3000

How To Update Samsung I8190 Galaxy S III Mini Firmware Using Odin Program, USB cable, And Stock Firmware


Because of the fast grow in Samrtphones industry and the many firmware updates that roll out everyday we can notice the big demand of Guides and Tutorials that helps the normal users and even the professional ones to know the right and secure steps to install those updates on their devices. And what is also important in this field is the ability to perform the update using Original and available tools too, So it is not acceptable for a normal smartphone user to buy an expensive tool just to be able to update his device.

This Guide will answer your question: How Can I Update My Samsung Galaxy S III Mini without buying any tool??

And the answer is very simple, To update your phone you can use original USB cable, Free Odin program, And Free Original firmware package. And for sure you will use our Free Guide to do it Step by Step and get your Galaxy S III Mini updated.

Tools and Files you need:

- Samsung I8190 Original Firmware Package: Download the firmware variant you want to install on your phone and extract it to be used later.
- Odin Program: Download Samsung I8190 Odin flasher and extract it too.
- USB Drivers: This drivers are needed to let your PC recognizes your phone, So download and install them then restart your PC.

Firmware Update Process:

- Turn Off your Samsung phone and take out the battery.

- Run Odin program and check the following options:

Auto-Reboot, Re.Partition ( You must have Pit file ).

- Now you are going to select the Firmware files at Odin's window:

Click PIT button and select: goldenxx.pit

Click PDA button and select: CODE_I8190xxxxxx_371424_REV00_....tar.md5

Click CSC button and select: CSC_Oxx_I8190Oxxxxxx_371424_REV00_....tar.md5

- To update your phone you have to put it into Download Mode and that can be done like this:

Put the battery back into your phone, Then Press Volume Down button + OK button + Power button

- Connect the phone to your PC using its original USB cable.

- If it is the first time that you connect it to your PC then let windows install the needed drivers before moving to the next step.

- Look at Odin's window and check that the program detects your phone's Com port number, It should look like this 0:[COMxx] when xx is a number. If the program does not recognize your phone then try to disconnect and reconnect the USB cable from PC, And you can restart your PC either.

- Now you can start updating your phone's firmware by clicking on START button at Odin's window.

- Odin will start to update your phone using the firmware files that you have selected before.

- During the process keep in mind that it is very risky to stop it or even to disconnect the USB cable from phone or PC, As that may kill your phone.

- After the process is finished you can see PASS! word at Odin's window and that means it was a successful update process.

- Disconnect your phone and wait till it is fully on.

- It is much better to perform a Full reset by this Code: *#87976633#

- When you enter the above code your phone will be rebooted so wait for it and after it is on again you can start using it and enjoying the new update.

Important Notices:

- The Update or Flash operation will not Sim-Unlock your device ( Unlock I8190 Galaxy S III Mini ).
- Use Stable PC for the update and never use USB Hub to connect the device.
- Fully charge your device's battery before updating it.
- Keep in mind to backup any wanted data from your device before the update.
- If the firmware package contains only one big file then use it in PDA field and no need to check Re.Partition option or use Pit file.

Useful Links:

- Unlock Samsung I8190 Galaxy S III Mini by Cable or IMEI Online ( Powered by SRS ).
- Download I8190 Galaxy S III Mini Stock Firmwares.

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