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How To Update Samsung S6802 Galaxy Ace Duos Firmware Using A Stock Firmware Package

Tuesday, 27 November 2012 07:05 TSAR3000

How To Update Samsung S6802 Galaxy Ace Duos Firmware Using A Stock Firmware Package


We can guess that you are looking to know the best method to follow when you like to update the firmware of your Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos GT-S6802, So you can smile and stop looking for any. Here you get all your needs, This guide has everything to help you do the update by yourself and without any hard steps.

The guide your are at now will teach you how you can use the original USB cable of your phone to update its firmware, also you will use some free programs and files to do it right, But do not worry about anything, All those tools and files are available and for free too.

Before you start please take some minutes to read the following points:

- It is better to read the full guide first before applying any step.

- If you have any important data or any needed information like messages or contacts on your phone, Then you should make a backup before starting the update process, Otherwise you will lose them all.

- Make sure that your phone's battery is fully charged, Or at least it is 90% charged.

- Check and write down the current version of installed firmware on your phone, So in case something goes wrong this info will be useful to revive your device.


Now you should get these tools and files:

- Samsung S6802 Galaxy Ace Duos Stock Firmware Package: Download the wanted firmware to your PC and extract it.

- Odin3 Flasher Program: Download the suitable version of Odin program to your PC and extract it to use it in the process later.

- USB Drivers: Download the USB drivers and install them on the PC that you will use in the process, And restart it.

- The USB cable: It is the USB cable that comes with your phone, You will use it to connect the PC to the phone.


Here you come to the Firmware Update Steps:

- Turn Off your phone and take its battery out.

- Run Odin3.exe program and check the following options:

Re-Partition, Auto Reboot, F.Reset Time

- Now you are going to select the firmware files from the extracted package to be installed on your phone by Odin.

- Click on PIT button to select amazingemmc_0420.pit

- Click on BOOTLOADER button to select BOOT_S6802xxxxx_REV00.tar.md5

- Click on PDA button to select PDA_S6802xxxxx_REV00.tar.md5

- Click on PHONE button to select MODEM_S6802xxxxx_REV00.tar.md5

- Click on CSC button to select GT-S6802-csc-xxxxxx.tar.md5

- Put your phone into Download Mode so Odin can install the new firmware on it, And to do that put the phone's battery back then press the following keys:

Volume Down Key + Home Key + Power Key until you see the yellow triangle.

- Connect your phone to the PC using the USB cable.

- Wait for windows to detect the new device, And in case this is the first time you connect this phone to that PC then windows will start installing the needed drivers for it, Do nothing until windows tells you that the new device is installed and ready for use.

- Before you start the update process you should make sure that Odin program is detecting it correctly, To check that look at Odin's window and you must see 0:[COMxx] when xx is the com number of your connected phone.

- In some cases Odin program can not detect the phone, So you can try to disconnect the phone and reconnect it again, Or even restart the PC.

- Now you are ready to start, And all you have to do is clicking on Start button and Odin will do it for you.

- While Odin program is installing the files on your phone, Do not stop or interrupt his work by anyway to stay away from any big problem.

- After the update process is done your phone will be rebooted, So wait for it.

- You can know if the update process is done successfully by looking at Odin's window, If you see the word PASS! then everything is ok.

- When the phone is on, Disconnect the USB cable from it.

- Do Full reset to your phone by this code: *2767*3855#.

- Your phone will be rebooted again after entering the above code, So it is normal thing just wait for it.

- Now your phone is under your control with its new firmware, Customize it and enjoy your success.

Important Notices:

- The Update or Flash operation will not Sim-Unlock your device ( Unlock Samsung S6802 Galaxy Ace Duos ).
- Use Stable PC for the update and never use USB Hub to connect the device.
- If the firmware package contains only one big file then use it in PDA field and no need to check Re.Partition option or use Pit file.

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