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6 Ways You Can Use For Supporting To Stay Online

Monday, 03 December 2012 16:18 TSAR3000

6 Ways You Can Use For Supporting To Stay Online


Dear visitor, We would like to thank you to give us one minute of your valuable time to read the following lines.

As you may know that we have a very bad time here in my country Syria, As the war is destroying everything. Many times we stay without Power or Internet, And that could last for many hours or even days.

We keep trying to give all we can for our great friends and visitors like you, We did and will do it for Free as long as we can.

Because of the bad conditions in my country these days, It is very hard to survive and keep this site online and Free as it is now, So now we need your help to pay for other sources of power, Internet services like 3G (very expensive here) and many wanted funds for the host and other bills.

We will not ask you for any donation, but will use the Win-Win formula, And that mean you buy or use something and we get paid for it. There are more than one way that you can use to help us and all the following ways are very known and 100% trusted, As we do not want to loose any friend of ours.

1- You can buy VPN account from PuerVPN: This is a very known VPN service provider, You can pay as low as 6.25$ and get a VPN account. there are many servers that are located in more than 16 countries ( US, UK, Canada, Russia, Sweden, Germany, and more). Also it supports many payment options ( PayPal, Webmoney, Ukash, Alertpay, 2CO, Master Card and more).

You will get very good customer support and handful of tutorials and guides to help you use your account on Android phones, iOS devices, PC and more.

2- You need A Cheapest VPN? Then you can pay 4.95$ only: ibVPN is one of the cheapest, But also the most known VPN service providers globally, It has servers in US, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Romania, Sweden, Russia, Ireland and Hong Kong. And do not worry about the accepted payment methods, This one too support many of them ( PayPal, 2CO, VISA, Master Card, cashU and more). All the needed tools and settings are well explained so it will be so easy to get and use any VPN account.

3- You Can Unlock your phone online and Pay via PayPal: Our Unlock Server is supporting many Brands and a lot of models too, You can check for any model in no time, And pay to get your phone unlocked while you are at home. This server is powered by SRS server and Unlock@Home too. It gives you an option to unlock your phone by Cable or by IMEI, Also all the needed details are provided.

4- Unlock you phone online even if you do not have PayPal account: you can use server to unlock any model and pay via many other options. This server is a very trusted one in this field too.

5- You Can Buy a Hotfile premium Account while you are downloading one of the firmwares or files we provided at Download section, it is very helpful to us when you do that.

6- You do not want or canno't pay for anything? It is OK: Install our Free Toolbar and use it for doing your Internet searches, That will help us to get some pennies too.

As you can see you can help us to survive even if you do not pay anything and we appreciate that, But in case you can buy any of the above services then you will help us more. Team

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