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How To Update Samsung Galaxy Ace II I8160 Firmware Using Stock Firmware Package

Wednesday, 02 January 2013 15:38 TSAR3000

How To Update Samsung Galaxy Ace II I8160 Firmware Using Stock Firmware Package


Many users like to get the full control of their smartphones, And that mean customizing and even updating its firmware, So they need to know how to do it safely, And without being an expert in programming.

This Guide was made for those users, And for you too, As you search to learn how you can use simple tools to update your smartphone, In this case the phone is Samsung Galaxy Ace II GT-I8160.

We tried to make this guide as simple and clear as we can, So you can start by reading the full steps, Then collect the needed tools and files, After that you can start applying the steps one by one to update your smartphone easily.

Important Tips:

- Before doing any changes to your phone's firmware, Backup all the needed data from it, Or you could loose them.
- Write down the current version of firmware which is installed on your phone, To keep it for any emergency situation.
- Make sure that you understood every single step of the guide before starting any process.

Tools and Files:

- Samsung I8160 Stock Firmwares: Download the firmware package you want to install on your phone, Extract it to use it later.
- Odin flasher: Download the suitable version for your phone (I8160).
- USB Drivers: Download the drivers, Then install it on your PC and restart it after that.
- USB cable: you can use the original USB cable of your Samsung I8160.

Firmware Update Steps:

- Take out the battery of your phone after you turn it off.

- Run Odin flasher, You can do it by double click on it.

- Check these options on Odin program: Re-Partition, Auto Reboot, F.Reset Time.

- Now you should select the firmware files from the downloaded package, You can do it in this easy way:

Click PIT button and select GT-I8160_EUR_XX_4G.pit
Click PDA button and select CODE_GT-I8160xxxxx_..._REV00_user_SEC_KEY_xxx_4G.tar
Click PHONE button and select UMS_I8160xxxxx_CL1101076_REV00_user_low_ship_4G.tar
Click CSC button and select CSC_GT-I8160-MULTI-CSC-Oxxxxx_SEC_KEY_4G.tar

- Put you phone into Download Mode, So Odin can install the files on it. Put the battery back into the phone then:

Hold Volume Down Key + Home then press Power key

- Connect the phone to your PC using the USB cable.

- Wait for a while to let your PC detects the new device, And installs the needed drivers. When it is done move to next step.

- Look at Odin program and you should notice that Odin detects the COM number of your connected phone 0:[COMxx].

- In case Odin does not detect your phone you can try to disconnect it and reconnect it again, Or you can restart your PC.

- When all the above steps are done correctly, You can click on START button to let Odin update your phone.

- While the process is in progress, Do not stop it or interrupt it at all to keep your phone safe.

- When Odin finishes the update operation, Your phone will be rebooted automatically.

- Disconnect the phone and wait for it to be fully on.

- Look at Odin program to check if the process was successfully done, You should see PASS! word.

- Now after your phone is on, Do full reset by this code *#2767*3855#

- After entering the above code, Your phone will be rebooted again, So just wait.

- At this step we can say Congratulations, You have updated your Galaxy Ace II firmwares by yourself.


Important Notices:

- The Update or Flash operation will not Sim-Unlock your device (Unlock I8160 Galaxy Ace II).
- Use Stable PC for the update and never use USB Hub to connect the device.
- Fully charge your device's battery before updating it.
- If the firmware package contains only one big file then use it in PDA field and no need to check Re.Partition option or use Pit file.
- No Need to flash or use PIT file unless your phone's partition is damaged, Also in case you get problems when trying to flash PIT file to a not damaged phone, Just uncheck Re.Partition option and do not select any PIT file.

Useful Links:

- Unlock Samsung I8160 Galaxy Ace II by Cable or IMEI Online ( Powered by SRS ).
- Download I8160 Galaxy Ace II Stock Firmwares.

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