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How To Update Samsung S7562i Galaxy Trend Duos Firmware - Stock Firmware

Monday, 25 February 2013 20:57 TSAR3000

How To Update Samsung S7562i Galaxy Trend Duos Firmware - Stock Firmware

This model is the Chinese version of Samsung S7562 Galaxy S Duos, But you can not use the same firmware for both models. You need to update each one of the both models using its original firmware package only.

The guide your are reading now will help you via some simple steps to update your Galaxy Trend Duos, We tried to make it as clear as possible, But it is better to read the guide first, And after you understand each single step, You can start to apply it on your device.

Please make sure that your mobile model is Samsung S7562i (Chinese version) and not S7562 (international version), To stay away from any unwanted problems.

Tools And Files:

- Samsung S7562i Mobile phone.

- Stock Firmware package for Samsung S7562i.

- Odin Flasher: S7562i

- USB Drivers: S7562i USB drivers.

- Original USB Cable.

Get all the above tools first, Then extract each zipped one to your PC, Install the USB drivers and reboot your PC.

- Charge your phone's battery to at least 90%.

- Backup any wanted data from your phone before start any update process.

- Use stable PC and never connect your phone to any USB HUB for updating.

Samsung S7562i Firmware Update Steps:

- Turn Off the phone, And take its battery and MMC card out.

- Run Odin Flasher and make sure that Re.Partition option is not checked.

- Now you have to select the firmware file to install it on your phone.

- In this guide we use this version of Firmware S7562iZCAMB1_CHNAMB1 Android 4.0.4

- Click on PDA button at Odin program and select this file file from the firmware folder:


- As this is only an update package, Then no need to use any PIT file.

- Put the phone's battery back but do not turn it on.

- To put your phone into Download Mode do the following steps:

Press and hold Volume Down key + Home Key, Then press Power Key, After you see the warning message release all keys and press Volume Up key only, To enter into download mode.

- Use the original USB cable to connect your phone to PC.

- If windows detects a new device then wait for the drivers to be installed.

- Look at Odin's window to check if your phone's COM port has been detected.

- In case all is OK then you should see 0:[COMxx] when xx is numbers.

- Now you are ready to begin the update, Click on START button.

- Odin will check the firmware file, Then start to install it on your device.

- During the process do not unplug the USB cable for any reason, As that may kill your phone.

- When Odin does his job, Your phone will be rebooted.

- If you See PASS! word at Odin's window, Then the update was successful.

- Disconnect the USB cable.

- Enter the following Code to full reset the phone: *2767*3855#

- Wait for your phone to restart, Then you can customize it and enjoy your updated Samsung S7562i.

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