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How To Update Samsung SGH-I437 Galaxy Express Firmware - Manual Update

Sunday, 28 April 2013 06:32 TSAR3000

How To Update Samsung SGH-I437 Galaxy Express Firmware - Manual Update

The explained steps in this guide will lead you to update the firmware version of your Samsung SGH-I437 Galaxy Express, The update will be done manually and not via Samsung Kies program.

The manual update can be used when you can't or don't want to use Samsung Kies for performing the update process, But you should know that you have to understand the complete steps and follow them one by one to get the wanted result and to stay away from any possible troubles.

It is very important to make a backup of your stored data before starting the update, Also make sure that your phone's battery has at least 90% of its charging level.

What do you need to perform the update?

First step in the update process is to download some needed files and programs, And all those files and programs are mentioned below:

- Official Firmware Package of Samsung SGH-I437 Galaxy Express.
- Odin Flasher.
- USB Drivers of Samsung SGH-I437 Galaxy Express.

After downloading the files and programs you have to install the USB Drivers and restart your Computer, Then extract the firmware package, Also Odin flasher needs to be extracted before you be able to use it.

What tools do you need to use in the update process?

All you have to get are a Computer running Windows OS, And Original USB cable of your Samsung Galaxy Express, Or any suitable one.

Samsung I437 Galaxy Express Firmware Update Steps:

- Turn Off you phone then take out its SIM card And memory Card.

- Run Odin.exe

- Check these options: Auto Reboot + F.Reset Time

- Click on PDA button and select the firmware file from its extracted folder:


(This firmware version is an example only, And you can use any wanted one instead)

- Put your Galaxy Express into Download Mode:

Press and Hold Volume Down key + Home key, Then press Power key

- Use the USB cable to connect the phone to the computer.

- Wait until Windows detects the new device, And installs the needed drivers for it.

- Check Odin program to see if it detects the COM port number of your phone 0:[COMxx]

- Now you are ready to update your Galaxy Express firmware, So click on Start button.

- Odin program will start installing the firmware into your phone.

- You phone will be rebooted after installing the new firmware.

- Look at Odin program and you should see PASS! Word if the update was done correctly.

- Unplug the USB cable from your device.

- When your Galaxy Express is fully on you had better to do full reset by this code *2767*3855#

- The phone will be rebooted once again.

- Now after the phone is on again you can start customizing it the way you like to use.

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