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How To Flash Samsung GT-E1202 DUOS Using The Original Downloader

Friday, 10 May 2013 08:33 TSAR3000

Samsung E1202 Duos is a very simple to use mobile phone from Samsung, This model support Dual-SIM cards and that is the main feature of it, In other phone options you have the very basic ones only, It support 2G network only with 156MHz CPU inside, So if you are looking for a cheap Dual-SIM mobile phone then the Samsung GT-E1202 is your best choice.

To be able to flash and update this model you need to have a tool to convert the USB slot in your PC to COM port, This tool called USB2COM converter and you need one to perform this process, You can look for it in any Mobile phone service center.

Files and Tools:

- Samsung GT-E1202 Flash Files Package: Extract it after downloading.
- Original Samsung E1202 Downloader: Extract this one too.
- USB2COM tool.
- A computer with Windows OS installed.

Samsung E1202 Flashing Steps:

- Make sure that your phone's battery is fully charged.

- Turn off your Samsung E1202.

- Take out the SIM-Card.

- Run PNX4848 Downloader v2.6A For Eider(GT-E1202).exe

- Select BIN + TFI option.

- Click on BIN... button and select E1202xxxxx.cla

- Click LPD... button and select E1202Oxxxxx.lpd

- Click TFI... button and select E1202Oxxxxx.tfi

- Check AutoDownloader option.

- In Serial Port section select the COM port number that the USB2COM tool take it.

- Select 921600 speed, And in case you get any errors then use lower speed.

- Click on START button.

- Now you have to connect your phone to PC via the USB2COM tool and press Power button of your Samsung E1202.

- When the Downloader program detects your phone, It will start downloading the flash files into your phone's memory.

- Wait until the job is done.

- Disconnect your phone, And take out its battery and put in again.

- Turn on your Samsung E1202.

- When the phone is on enter this code *2767*3855#

- Now when your phone is on again you can use it the way you like.

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