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How To Update Samsung S5292 Star Deluxe Duos Firmware Using FlashTool and USB Cable

Thursday, 27 June 2013 16:44 TSAR3000

The Samsung S5292 Star Deluxe Duos comes with many good features and options for normal use, The device is powered by 312MHz CPU, And it can use a microSD card up to 32MB, In the connectivity field it has WiFi and Bluetooth v3.0. The most wanted features in this device is the Dual-SIM card supporting which give the user a great opportunity to get one mobile phone with two SIM cards inside.

This Guide will explain in simple and clear details how to use the original USB cable of your Samsung S5292 Star Deluxe Duos and the FlashTool program to update the firmware version of the device, So first of all download the needed files and programs, And read the guide to start the work.

Files, Tools, And Programs:

- Original Firmware Package for Samsung S5292 Star Deluxe Duos (Download and Extract to use it later).
- Original FlashTool for S5292 (Download and Extract too).
- USB Drivers for Samsung S5292 (Download and install the drivers, Then restart your computer).
- Suitable USB cable for your S5292.
- A stable Computer with Windows OS installed.

Samsung S5292 Star Deluxe Duos Firmware Update Steps:

- Turn off the device, And then remove the its SIM card and memory card too.

- From the FlashTool folder run FlashTool_E2.exe program.

- Add the firmware files to the FlashTool program:

Click (...) button and select: S5292xxxxx_psi.fls
Click (...) button and select: S5292xxxxx_slb.fls
Click (...) button and select: S5292xxxx_bin.fls
Click (...) button and select: S5292xxxxx_cds.fls
Click (...) button and select: S5292xxxxxx.dffs

Adjust the following settings:

USB Port: 1
Baud Rate: 921600
#Channels: 1
Communication Driver: Infineon USB Driver
Erase whole flash before download

- Click on Next> button

- At the new Window click on Start USB1

- Now make sure the phone is turned off with fully charged battery inside.

- Connect the Samsung S5292 to your computer using the USB cable.

- The FlashTool should detect the device automatically, And will begin to install the new firmware files into your device.

- Do nothing during the update process, And never disconnect the USB cable.

- When the update is done, You will see a green line at the top of the window, And a Success word too.

- Disconnect the USB cable from your phone, And turn it on.

- When the mobile is fully on check the new firmware version by this code *#1234#.

- Congratulations, You have just updated your Samsung S5292 Star Deluxe Duos firmware version.

Notice: In case the FlashTool does not detect your device at the first time then try to disconnect the USB cable, Remove battery from phone, Insert the battery back and try to connect the USB cable again.

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