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How To Hard Reset Samsung I8750 Ativ S Using its Hardware Buttons

Saturday, 13 July 2013 08:10 TSAR3000

The Samsung Ativ S I8750 device runs Microsoft Windows Phone 8 as operating system, And in this Guide you will learn how you can use the device hardware button like volume keys and power button to perform a Hard Reset / Factory Reset operation, This operation will wipe all your saved data and return your Samsung Ativ S to it original status.

As you may lost an important information and data after the Hard Reset, Then it is a very important step to make a backup of any wanted data, Read our online guide (How To Take A Backup Of Your Samsung Mobile Phone's Data Using Samsung Kies) to keep your data and restore it after the hard reset.

Samsung I8750 Ativ S Hard Reset Steps:

- Make sure that the device battery is fully charged, Or at least it is at 90% of charging level.

- Turn off the device, Press the Power button for some seconds and then scroll down to turn off option.

- Wait for 10 seconds to make sure that the phone is off.

- Press Volume Down key and Power key to turn the phone on.

- Keep pressing the Volume Down key and release Power key.

- When the device boots with exclamation mark  " ! " on screen release Volume Down key.

- Now you should press some keys in the following order:

Press Volume Up key > Press Volume Down key > Press Power key > Press Volume Down key

- After pressing the above keys the operation will start in a moment, So just wait for it to be finished.


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